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Public Skating

Public Skate Rules & Guidelines

Public Skate times offered at Appleton Family Ice Center:

Monday-Friday 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m   Sundays: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Public Skate is offered to the entire community and the cost is $5.00* admission for everyone who skates on the ice.  Should you need to rent skates the cost is an additional $3.00.

For those who may be frequent visitors to our Public Skating sessions, we offer a 10 punch card and a season pass.

Due to the high volume of ice rentals during the winter some changes might apply. The changes will be listed on our website, and I encourage you to check the DAILY ice schedule so you have the most current information on Public Skate days/times.

Music is provided by the ice arena for those to enjoy while skating.  If there is no one else on the ice, it is acceptable to change the music. However, as other skaters get on the ice, the music must be changed back to the selected arena music. We ask that you respect everyone who comes to enjoy public skating.

Also, pucks will only be allowed when no one else is on the ice or when other skaters want to skate with a puck.  When other skaters arrive, all pucks must be removed from the ice. However, skating with a stick only is permitted.

The employees of the arena will try to always have the ice resurfaced before Public Skate, but there may circumstances that arise when it's not possible.  We ask for your help to make Public Skate an enjoyable experience for all who attend.

As a reminder, check the daily ice schedule on our website for current information.

*Admission prices may vary for Special Events.

Appleton Family Ice Center

We have Public Skating weekdays from 11am-1pm and Sundays from 3-5pm. Times could change due to tournaments, or other events so please Ice Schedules located under Home Tab.

As ice is available we will offer other skating times, so please see our calendar. 

Cost is $5.00 admission and $3.00 skate rental.

Tri-County Ice Arena

 Following are fixed Public Skating times at Tri-County Ice  Arena.  Times could change due to tournaments, or other events so please Ice Schedules located under Home Tab. Click on Daily Ice Schedule to see each ice rink schedule.

Cost is $5 admission and $3 Skate Rental.